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What to expect from the naturalization test

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Immigration Law

You may be able to apply for naturalization if you are a lawful permanent resident. During the naturalization process, you will need to attend an interview with an officer from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

As a part of your interview, the USCIS officer will review your application and then ask you to complete a test composed of two portions: English and civics. This test is often the part of the interview process that people are most worried about. Here is what you can expect from the naturalization test.

What is on the English test?

The USCIS officer will evaluate your speaking skills while reviewing your application. You will need to complete a written portion where you must write one out of three sentences correctly. During the reading portion, you must correctly read aloud one out of three sentences.

What is on the civics test?

The civics test will evaluate your knowledge of American history and government. There are currently 100 questions that you need to study. The USCIS officer will ask you 10 questions and you must answer 6 of those questions correctly in order to pass.

What happens if you do not pass?

You have two opportunities to pass the naturalization test. If you fail either part, you will be given another opportunity to retake that failed portion approximately 60 to 90 days later.

Though many people worry about passing the naturalization exam, you do not need to. With proper preparation and study, you can successfully complete both the English and civics components.