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If you or someone you love currently faces deportation or removal, you probably feel frantic. We are here to help.

While located in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, The Law Office of Rosa Maria Berdeja works with individuals and families across the country who need legal help with removal or deportation. Every day, we fight for our clients to remain in the United States with their friends and family.

What Is The Deportation Process?

Deportation is the procedure in which the U.S. government formally removes someone who has violated immigration law. So, what are the steps in deportation?

  1. First, the Department of Homeland Security will serve you with a Notice to Appear. This is the official document that initiates removal proceedings.
  2. Second, you will receive a notice of hearing, instructing you to appear before an immigration judge.
  3. Third, you will attend the first hearing, which is known as a master hearing. This is the court appearance in which the judge determines how your case will proceed. If the judge decides that there are grounds for deportation, you may have the opportunity to seek relief from deportation.
  4. Fourth, you will file any applications for relief that you wish to pursue before the immigration court.
  5. Finally, you will attend an individual hearing, or trial, where the immigration judge will decide if you can remain in the U.S. or order you removed. You or your attorney will have the chance to present your argument to the court.
  6. Even if the judge does rule to deport you, you can still file an appeal. At the very least, this can buy you some time.

Complete Honesty, Even When The Truth Is Painful

Our founding attorney, Rosa Maria Berdeja, believes in being honest with clients. In your discussions with her, she will give you a realistic idea of what to expect. In some cases, there is simply no way to avoid removal. If deportation is inevitable, we will not lead you on to believe otherwise. We will explain your legal options and help you and your family plan your next steps.

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