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Naturalization pitfalls to avoid

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2022 | Immigration Law

Naturalization is a tricky process. Besides the more obvious knowledge you must acquire, such as basic civics and English skills, there are some less well-known pitfalls you should try to avoid.

According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, naturalization grants citizenship to lawful permanent residents after living in the US for five years. The government considers the process to be something you must earn. If you want to become an American citizen, continue reading to learn more about some mistakes people make during their application process. Remember, the best way to avoid these mistakes is by working with an attorney.

Be honest about your entries and exits

The US government looks for honesty when you fill out your application. For instance, if you do not include relevant information about how often you left the United States, the government may assume the worst about your character. You need to prove that you have more than 30 months of residency in the United States over five years. Withholding information about your movements in and out of the country will not help your chances.

You need five consecutive lawful years

You also must understand the good moral character aspect of applying. Having a criminal charge does not necessarily prevent you from becoming a US citizen. However, you need at least five years in a row of a clean record. If you lived in the US for ten years but committed a crime two years ago, you still must wait three more years to start the naturalization process.

The naturalization process takes years of lawful behavior. Study for the interview and keep careful records of your entries and exits from the country.