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Is naturalization right for you?

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2023 | Immigration Law

When you come to the United States as an immigrant, you might wonder if you should consider naturalization. Becoming a naturalized citizen affords you many more opportunities than you get with a visa.

Understand the benefits of naturalization to determine if it is the right choice for your situation.

Greater legal protections

Naturalized citizens receive the same rights as natural-born citizens. You gain the right to vote and receive the same constitutional protections, including due process. Naturalized citizens become eligible to run for office as well.

Increased sense of security

Living in fear of deportation creates unnecessary stress and psychological burdens. As a naturalized citizen, you have a permanent right to residency.

Opportunities to travel

One challenge of staying in the U.S. on a visa is being unable to travel back to your home country when you want. With a U.S. passport as a naturalized citizen, you have the freedom to travel to any country you wish and return.

Government benefits and opportunities

Most government jobs and government-sponsored healthcare benefits require citizenship. Becoming a naturalized citizen ensures your access to education, social security, and government healthcare services. It also allows you the opportunity to apply for jobs within the government.

The more you understand about naturalization benefits, the easier it is to decide if you should pursue it. Prepare for the application, interview and testing by first exploring the advantages you will receive from naturalization. You may find that naturalization is the right path for your entire family after being in the country long enough.